1119 Assignments

Dear students,

We are appoaching the end of topic 8: ” Day in the Life: My Childhood Memory or An Unforgettable Memoy.” Before that, I want to remind you that you have to post the reflection on “It”s Got to be Us,’ and “Three Best Things about Me” in your blog, saparately.

Here’s the wrap-up work for “Day in the Life”:

  1. Make sure you’ve finished 4 tasks and received marks for all of them.
  2. Write a draft of “My Childhood Memory”  or “Anunforgettable Memory” and mail it to me by Nov. 24.
  3. Next week, we’ll put together your findings in IEARN and you have to work on your blog for the final piece of writing.



1119 One Day Event in IEARN

What happened to students all over the world on Nov. 10?

To get  the answers, please finish the worksheet and share it with your class.



(1105) An Unforgettable Memory: Introduction and Assignments

Dear Students

After “Three Best Things about Me,” on Nov. 5, we started to work on a new topic in the ME project: An Unforgettable Memory (lesson Plan). It will involve some tasks that give you chances to practice story telling with pictures or photos. Also, we’ll share some of the results with students from all over the world in IEARN.

Now, let me remind you of the following assignments:

  1. “Reflection on It’s Got to be Us” and “Three Best Things about Me.”
    Revise the paper and email it to alicechuan@gmail.com by Nov. 11.
  2.  One Day Event in IEARN (Worksheet)
    Finish the worksheet (Task III) and mail it to alicechuan@gmail.com by Nov. 11.
  3. A Day with Dad (Worksheet)
    Finish the story (Task I) and mail it to alicechuan@gmail.com by Nov. 18. Also you are to share it on Nov. 19.

You can download the worksheets here. When you send the file to me, make sure the file name includes your English name.

As for the filed trip, I change the schedule for some reason. I couldn’t inform Gary of the coming events. That’s why I gave you the permission paper myself. Please give the paper back to me on Thursday, Nov. 10.

Should you have any questions, please email me. Wish you have a good rest after the school anniversary.

The Me Project: Three Best Things about Me (Photos and Students’ Writings)

(To be updated)

The Me Project 5: Three Best Things about ME Webquest (0924)

Dear students,

Today, we are going to begin a new activity in the ME project: Three Best Things about ME.

We would do this by working on a webquest. Please follow the instructions (Three Best Things about ME_webquest )here. The activity is composed of 4 tasks . Today, we are going to focus on Task I. 

In addition, we will save some time for questionnaire development.

Wish you have a good time in class.

SurveyMonkey & Assignment (0917)

Today, we started our class by checking your work progress.Then, we listened to stories shared by Chris, Ryan and Kevin. We had a great time when they told how their parents met. I hope that this assignment gave you a chance to reflect on the origin of your life.

Then, we spent some time exploring SurveyMonKey. zHrtr vp,e your assignments:

  1. Join SurveyMonkey for free.
  2. Think about qestions for your survey.
  3. Complete “How My Parents Met” and upload it to your personal blog.

Way to go, boys and girls.

Questionnaire Surveys 0910


This week, besides sharing your story of “How My Parents Met,” we are going to explore the “what & how” about questionnaire surveys. This activity would be related to your interest project. Let’s start with the worksheet here (survey worksheet).

Wish you have a great time.

Assignment for this week:

  1. Write the story “How My Parents Met” in your personal blog.
  2. Complete Survey Worksheet above and upload it to your interest blog.
  3. Prepare for the oral presentation on “survey.”