Welcome to “The Year I was Born” Project

Dear students,

Welcome to take part in “The Year I was Born” project. In this project, you will do some research to explore the history and write three pieces of stories about the world, Taiwan and your family–stories that happened in the year you were born.

 You are required to post your writings in this blog under different topics. This project will be announced in Dekita to attract global readers. Also, you will be introduced IEARN Youth Forum. You are going to meet new friends in the forum and post your stories there. I hope thees will give your writings a new meaning: sharing your writings with the world.

Please follow the weekly schedules and finish the tasks.  Work  hard, and you’ll accomplish more than you expect.  

Enjoy yourself in the process. 🙂

3 responses to “Welcome to “The Year I was Born” Project

  1. Alice
    Cute, curly-haired, a little overweight and kind of short
    Forgetful, lazy, extroverted and a little crazy

    Student of Li-shan Senior High School
    Lover of classical music

    Who feels fine right now
    Who likes play tennis
    Who fears thunders
    Who gives help to everyone who needs me

    Who wants to be a psychologist
    And whose greatest dream now is to make a lot of friends all over the world


  2. Emily
    short, long-haired, near-sighted, big-headed
    forgetful, lazy, friendly, stupid
    Student of Li-Shan
    Lover of family and friends
    Who feels delighted to get good grades
    Who likes dancing and listening to music
    Who fears spiders
    Who gives a lesson to my younger brother
    Who wants to be a doctor(just a dream)
    And whose greatest dream now is to speak English fluently

  3. Lilian
    Small-eyed, long-hadired, fat, tall,
    Nice, friendly, cheeriness, bounty,
    Students of Lishan.
    Lover of my parents and friends.
    Who feels happy when everything is fine.
    Who likes lavender and Japaness idol.
    Who fears insects.
    Who gives smiles when I am happy.
    Who wants to go to the USA.
    And whose greatest dream now is happy in the school life of Lishan.

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