The Year I was Born: World News (Week 3 Writing)


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  1. Hi, my name is Emily Lin. I was born in 1990.If you were also born in 1990, you probably know that there was nothing interesting happening except the political event—cold wars. If you know history better enough, I bet you must have studied something about “cold wars”.

    Time passed by. There are many kinds of wars in this modern technology life, such as nuclear war or the technology of biology. As you know, cold war, term used to describe the shifting struggle for power and prestige between the Western powers and the Communist bloc from the end of World War II until 1989. Of worldwide proportions, the conflict was tacit in the ideological differences between communism and capitalist democracy.

    The Cold War was the period of protracted conflict and competition between the United States and the Soviet Union and their allies from the late 1940s until the late 1980s. The main U.S. allies were Western Europe, Japan and Canada. The main Soviet allies were Eastern Europe and China. Throughout the period, the rivalry between the two superpowers was played out in multiple arenas: military coalitions; ideology, psychology, and espionage; military, industrial, and technological developments; costly defense spending; a massive conventional and nuclear arms race; and many proxy wars.(search from:

    In fact, most of the people hate the wars.Wars not only harm people’s country but also their lives. Have you ever seen the movie Miss Congeniality? The beauties who join a beauty pageant also want “world peace”. I really hope that we won’t have any wars in the future.
    (I find that I still have to improve my English ability because there is no reading the world politics without a dictionary. I still can’t understand some words completely.)

  2. Hi! My name is Alice Spancer. I was born in 1990. Do you know what happened in that year? Have you ever hear” The Persian Gulf War”? It was a big event in 1990. Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, shocked the world by ordering his army to invade Kuwait.
    According to “A World-Current Event Case Study”, Iraq invaded its tiny neighbor, after talk broke down over oil production and repayment. And President George Bush, of US, reacted by creating” Operation Desert Storm”, the largest land operation since World War II. He subsequently obtained a UN Security Council resolution setting a deadline for Iraq to withdraw unconditionally from Kuwait. (Nov. 8)
    In 1991, the war did not come to an end yet. But soon in a brilliant and lightning-fast campaign, U.S. and coalition forces smashed through Iraq’s defenses. Allied and Iraqi military leaders met on battlefield to discuss terms for a formal cease-fire to end the Gulf War. There were a total of 147 U.S., battle deaths, 145 non battle deaths, and 467 wounded in action during the Gulf War.
    After introducing the event, I wanted to share some viewpoints from different people. I found a discussion of the FRONTLINE. People discussed the Persian Gulf War. There is a man, who is an American. He said” I think the war was a necessary war, but the only reason was for oil. They didn’t care about the innocent people there.” And another man said his friend lost his leg during the Desert Shield Storm, and had to leave the army that he loved so much. He hoped their leader today will make the right choices, so he doesn’t have to worry about his son following his footsteps.
    When I read all kinds of viewpoints, I had a distinct idea. Parents always tell us not to fight against others. Everything can be solved if we talk to each other intellectually. But …we still had a lot of wars in history. We want to and we had preached the idea of peace, but I feel there was no use. We still have fights. We still have wars.
    We should think twice. To think more carefully before we make a decision, or we will harm someone by accident. We can avoid a lot of trouble if we think more. So if next time you disagree with someone, you have to calm down, and try to find some solutions together. It might work, and maybe you will make friends with him or her. That will be a better situation.

    Thanks to read the article I wrote. I hope you like it. Maybe you can share your idea about “The Persian Gulf War”, I would love to listen what you are going to say.


  3. (Minglun Wu)
    Hi there, my name is Minglun Wu. I’m a 15-year-old senior high school student of Li Shan in Taipei. In this article I will tell you the big news which happened in the year I was born. I hope you will be interested in it.
    15/09/1991~23/09/1991, the 16th Asian Baseball Championship took place in Beijing Feng Tai Ballpark and Tientsin Daoqi Ballpark.
    16/09/1991, Chinese Taipei competed with China. Chinese Taipei blew China away with score 6:2.
    18/09/1991, Chinese Taipei VS. Australia. We beat them with score 10:2. It was a landslide victory.
    The next day was the day for players to take a rest.
    20/09/1991, Chinese Taipei came across its toughie, South Korea. Although it was hard to demolish them, Chinese Taiwan still won the game with a little bit gap, one score.
    Semifinal was held on 22/09/1991, Chinese Taipei confronted Japan. The most impressive and exciting game in that year. Eventually, Chinese Taipei lost the game with a little bit gap, one score. Although they lost the game, they still had the admissibility to take part in the Barcelona Olympic Games because they were the silver medalist.
    Maybe that’s the reason why I like baseball very much.

  4. Hello, everyone. My name is Carter, a 16-year-old student of Lishan Senior High School. As you can see, this is a project called The Year I was Born—World News. After reading it, you can give me some suggestion or comments. I will be glad to hear it. Well, enjoy!

    Forgetting the history is just like losing your memories! Do you really know what happened in the year you were born? Have you ever tried to find it out before? For instance, I was born in 1990, the year filled with plenty of political events. Obviously, the history of the world has changed dramatically since 1990. Here I would like to present one of the well known world news—The Fall of the Berlin Wall.

    As we all know, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the representative of Communist Party, had counterworked and competed against the US, which is for democratism, since World War II. At that time, Deutschland was divvied to Soviet, the UK, France and the US. France and the UK abandoned the place they had occupied in Germany, which was taken over by the US’ later. In 1961, the Soviet Sector was sealed off by a Communist-built wall, 43 km long, running through the Berlin city. It was built to stem the flood of refugees seeking freedom in the West.
    On November 9th, 1989, the East German government opened its borders to the West and allowed thousands of its citizens to pass freely through the Berlin Wall. They were cheered and greeted by thousands of West Berliners, and many of the jubilant newcomers celebrated their new freedom by climbing on top of the hated wall. The following day, East German troops began dismantling parts of the wall. It was ironic that this wall was built to keep the citizens from leaving, and 28 years later, it was being dismantled for the same reason. On October 3rd, 1990, the entire wall was removed.
    In the meantime, the Cold War between the US and Soviet lasted until Mikhail S. Gorbachev, a very important democratic president in Soviet, was in power in 1985. He and President Richard M. Nixon transformed Cold War into Cold Peace. Moreover, they bettered the relation between America and Soviet and even stopped the rivalship. Because of Gorbachev, the Berlin Wall was eventually knocked down. Deutschland, which had been divisive about half a century from 1945 to 1990, has been united and become a democracy since then.
    Now, we have a basic knowledge of what happened. I personally think that Gorbachev and Nixon truly promoted the world peace. From some point of view, Gorbachev really did what a president should do— he led his country, positively farther the economic and bravely stand for democratization against sovietization; no wonder he received the Nobel Prize of Peace. What about you? What do you think of The Fall of the Berlin Wall?

    —information adapted from

  5. Hi, my name is Lillian Hu. I am a senior high school student. I’ll tell you what happened in 1990 -the year I was born. I am so blessed that I can tell you the world news in 1990. I really hope that you’ll learn something from my article and tell the others who haven’t heard about it. Enjoy it and give me some advice, I’ll take it.
    Do you know the Long san culture in china? Or do you know what is important if you want to research the basis of the Chinese culture which has kept thousands of year? If you don’t know, I’ll carefully introduce that to you. Let’s get started .
    The Long san culture is of the Neolithic Age. In 1990, the archaeologist of China discovered the ancient address which is called Cheng Zi Yai. Cheng Zi Yai which is about 200 thousand square meters, is the first monument the Chinese archaeologists dug out. The content of the Cheng Zi Yai is very amplitude and had a long history. It had a lot of antiquity of the different Ages. For example, it had the foundations, the well, and the cave. It had crockery, which the Long san culture is famous for. In 1990, the research institute of the shan dong sheng explored the Cheng Zi Yai , they discovered that Cheng Zi Yai is reduplicated of the Long san culture, the Yue Shan culture, and the zhou dai culture. It clarified the comment of the Cheng Zi Yai antiquity. Besides, the Long san culture is the top of Neolithic Age . It is very important to study the old city and the culture of China. And the Long san culture shows us more about the Neolithic Age. Cheng Zi Yai bridges a gap of the China culture. Cheng Zi Yai and some antiquity around it formed the basic and complete ancient cultural area from the Neolithic Age to liang han.
    By reporting the news, I believe that you has already learned a lot. Thank you for your attention, I look forward to sharing more with you next time.

  6. Hi. I am Seagoll Wu, who is a senior high school student in Li Shan. I was born in 1991, so I want to share some news in that year with you. It is “U.S. Death Toll From AIDS Top 100,000 ”. The news warned people to be more alert about the sanitation. The virus is the most terrible weapon of killing people in the recent centuries. AIDS is called “Black Death ” in 13th century. At that time, especially in Europe, people were afraid of infecting the virus. As time goes by, our medical treatment is more and more advanced. I believe that these problems will be solved.

  7. Hello, everybody. I am Nick. I am in the 10th in Li Shan senior high school. I was born in 1991. Now I would like to tell you what happened in the world in the year I was born.
    Do you know Magic Johnson? He is an American former basketball player, widely regarded as one of the purest passers and best point guards in the game’s history. He was league MVP three times, and NBA Finals MVP three times. In 1991 he became one of the first sports celebrities to announce his HIV; he has continually worked to educate and raise awareness of the disease.
    He had ended the 90~91 ball season because of infecting the HIV virus. He then resurfaced in the 95~96 ball season. Because of his AIDS, many people in the alliance publicly express disinclining to play a ball game together with Magic Johnson.
    AIDS is scary to many people. I think people who get this disease are poor. We should protect ourselves from the disease. Maybe in the future, this disease can be cured.

  8. The year after I was born (Taiwan news)
    (Amy Tang)
    The China Post Tuesday 1991/12/31
    Wang Hui-chen(王惠珍), 21, won July 25 the ROC’s first gold in an international track event during the World University Games in England. She finished at 23.42 seconds in the women’s 200 meter dash, breaking he Asian record set by the mainland’s Han Qing at the Asian Games in Beijing Oct. 1990.

    Further information:
    World University Games (世界大學運動會)
    The first game was held in Turin, Italy, in 1959. And the 16th game in the news was held in England, in 1991.
    Wang Hui-chen
    The injury of her right leg irritated her. But she was still concerned about the game, and won the game easily. How incredible!! People in Taiwan called her “the queen of the wind velocity.” 200 meters in 23.42 seconds! She ran very fast, right? She won not only the first golden medal in her life, but also the first golden medal in Taiwan.
    What I think:
    Winning a piece of golden medal in an international game is difficult. You have to practice very hard before the game and also try your best in the important game. I admire her spirit very much. We should learn her persistent spirit and work it in practice. With the spirit, we can overcome any difficulties.

  9. Hi I am Elven. I was born in 1991, so I am a fifteen-year-old girl. Do you know what the big news was in 1991 in the world? Let me tell you an terrible item..
    On August 18, 1991,a huricane Bob hit East coast of America. 16 people were killed, probably damage more than 1 million dollars.
    That’s really a terrible diaster.Destiny can not be changed by us. We can’t decide when we will die, but we can decide what the things we do. So we must cherish every seconds when we are still alive.

  10. Hello, I am Sandy. I was born in 1991. If you were born in 1991, too, and you maybe like what I will tell you-the year I was born.
    The first thing is on 1991, March. It’s funny and compassionate, isn’t it. Baseball, football star Bo Jackson released by Kansas City Boyals because of injured hip.
    The second one is in 1991, March, too. U.S reports it dropped 85,000 tons of munitions on Iraq Kuwait. It’s terrible in this peaceful world. I hope this world doesn’t have wars any more.
    The third thing is in 1991, March. Michael Jackson signs $50 million contract with Sony. Wow! I am so envy of him. If I were as rich as he, I want to buy many things and to do many things.

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