The Year I was Born: Taiwan News

Dear all,

Here we are: the fourth week of our project. This week the main task to post Taiwan News in 1991 in this blog. I hope you’ve gained a lot from the research you have been doing. I’m looking forward to your works.

7 responses to “The Year I was Born: Taiwan News

  1. In 1990, the year I was born, I didn’t know anything happened in Taiwan. So I asked my dear Daddy for help. He told me there was one thing that he won’t forget forever……
    Taiwan Baseball Team was the best all over the world in 1990. Our teams won all kind of medals. For example, Shan-Hua Kids Team, Mei-He Teenagers Team and ROC Professional Teenagers Baseball team all won the championship of the baseball game. It was the fifth time they all won the first. Daddy said he remembered when they knew such a new; a lot of people screamed and shouted out on the street. Everyone was so happy for this, because that means we got the chance to go to the WORLD BASEBALL GAME, and fight against more and more powerful enemies.
    Talking about this big event, Daddy was so excited. I can understand, because he loves baseball so much. Though I don’t know anything or any rule of baseball game, I still can realize why people are crazy about it. It will bring the joy and the excitement in each game. The fans would cheer for them, and when their team lose, they would be sad or even angry. Some of my friends are kind of these people.
    By the way, if you are the fan of baseball, you might interested in this website:, Wei Ji Taiwan Baseball 台灣棒球維基館 (It did not have an English name, so I translated it from Chinese). It is a website that tells people the history of baseball game of Taiwan. There is a lot of information about famous players in baseball history in Taiwan.
    I feel proud of the brilliant history of baseball in Taiwan. But lately, we haven’t done as well as before. I hope some day we can see how great we do, and say “We are the BEST!!”

    Hope you enjoy, hope your team wins, and HOPE you a Merry Christmas!!


  2. My name is Carter, a student born in 1990. 1990 was a year in which many political events occurred. Here, I would like to share one of the most effective events, the apology from Ex-President Lee for February 28 Incident.

    When we talk about February 28 Incident, we must understand what had happened then on February 27 th and 28th –
    In the 34th year of the “Republic Era,” the Chiang government from China received Taiwan from Japan, the settler. At that time, there was a communication gap between people from China and from Taiwan – one spoke Mandarin while the other could only speak Japanese or Taiwanese. Finally, on February 27th of the 36th year of the “Republic Era,” the signal was fired.
    The police caught a woman, Jiang-Mai, Lin, selling cigarettes. There was some argument between the two. Soon after, plenty of citizens were not happy about the police; they fought with the police. When one of the police officers shot off to aware the public, the bullet accidentally hit two men (one hurt, one dead). The conflict spread right away! The next day, February 28th, all the citizens of Taipei called a strike, gathering at the office for the petition. Finally, it became a whole-islanded rebellion against the government.
    Afterwards, Chen-Yi, the commissioner, requested the Central Government in Nan-Jing for armies so as to repress the mobs, but actually resulted in a more serious bloodshed. Checking the population thoroughly even injured plenty of the undeserved elites and multitudes. It was a historical tragedy, leaving a serious and bad impact on the politics afterward.

    Executive Yuan formed a specific group for 228 Incident in the 79th year of the “Republic Era (year 1990),” investigating the truth and the fact. In the same year, Ex-President Deng-Hui Lee apologized as a head of state, admitting the fault the government had made, atoning and dealing with all the kinsfolk. He also turned the day February 28th into a Memorial Day, hoping to make a quick recovery from pain. Now, there are some monuments and 228 Peace Memorial Parks around Taiwan.

    The story of 228 must been heard by everyone. But how do you think of it? Each one’s opinion is different. Some local people consequently criticize some political party! But most of all, past is the past and we should learn from the past. 228 Incident at least taught us a lesson- Force is definitely not a right way to solve any problem!

  3. (Minglun Wu)
    Hi. My name is Minglun Wu. I was born in 1991. To know about the big news that happened in the year in Taiwan, I searched on the Internet and found some interesting things to share with you.
    In the year I was born, Taiwan’s EPA (Environmental Protection Administration) did a lot of important things for our homestead. Let me show some examples.
    On February 8, 1991, EPA’s director Chien You Hsin proclaimed a new assize, “Reroute Baneful Chemicals Management.” This new assize kept Taiwan’s rivers and ground from being polluted by baneful chemicals.
    The 2nd EPA’s director Mr. Chao Shao Kang incepted on June 1, 1991. Seven days after he incepted, he formed a new working group “ Droughty Water Quality Conservation Working Group” immediately. This working group was very important to our water quality during the drought in the year I was born
    On July 1, 1991, the “Air Quality Forecast Line” was constituted. And the next day, the “Environmental Pollution Declaration Line” was created. These two lines could give the public a chance to impeach of the person or the company which polluted the environment.
    At the end of August, 1991, EPA issued a new bet “Deserted Styrofoam Recycle and Banishment Mechanism,” which should be the beginning of recycling in Taiwan.
    On September 14, 1991, EPA bade the state-run company “Chung Hsing Paper Mill” lockout because of its industrial waste water polluting the Ilan Tou Cheng River.

  4. Hello, everybody. I am Nick Gong. I am studying in Li Shan Senior High School. My school is located in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan is in the north of Philippines, south of Japan, and southeast of China. I was born in 1991. Taiwan is such a great place, and everybody is so nice. Now I would like to tell you what happened in Taiwan in the year I was born.
    The Period of Communist Rebellion started in 1947. Its main idea was that we should refight China to save their people. On April 30 in 1991, President Lee Teng-hui announced that the Period of Communist Rebellion would be terminated on May 1, because we didn’t have power to do that.
    The termination of the Period of Communist Rebellion marked a new era in Taiwan history. People began to regain more civil right assurances. If we live in that time, we don’t have much freedom at all. For example, we don’t have much TV programs, groups.

  5. The year after I was born (Taiwan news)
    (Amy Tang)
    The China Post Tuesday 1991/12/31
    Wang Hui-chen(王惠珍), 21, won July 25 the ROC’s first gold in an international track event during the World University Games in England. She finished at 23.42 seconds in the women’s 200 meter dash, breaking he Asian record set by the mainland’s Han Qing at the Asian Games in Beijing Oct. 1990.

    Further information:
    World University Games (世界大學運動會)
    The first game was held in Turin, Italy, in 1959. And the 16th game in the news was held in England, in 1991.
    Wang Hui-chen
    The injury of her right leg irritated her. But she was still concerned about the game, and won the game easily. How incredible!! People in Taiwan called her “the queen of the wind velocity.” 200 meters in 23.42 seconds! She ran very fast, right? She won not only the first golden medal in her life, but also the first golden medal in Taiwan.

    What I think:
    Winning a piece of golden medal in an international game is difficult. You have to practice very hard before the game and also try your best in the important game. I admire her spirit very much. We should learn her persistent spirit and work it in practice. With the spirit, we can overcome any difficulties.

  6. The year I was born is 1991. Do you know what’s happen in 1991 in Taiwan, the country I was born? Let me show you some news that was happened that year.
    On November 15, 1991, the worst train crash in Taiwan’s history killed 30 and injured 102 in the central part of the island .The director of the Taiwan Railway Administration and two other employees have been held responsible. I think accidents are always terrible but always around us. All we can do is just BE CAREFUL. But things are not always going right. If the bad things or troubles come, we just have to overcome as hard as we can, and keep going our hopeful life!
    On November 13, 1991, Taipei, together with Beijing and Hong Kong took their seats as the newest members of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Seoul. Taiwan’s situation is always embarrassed on diplomacy. So we just have to join more associations as we can to prove our friendships between countries to countries.
    Taiwan is small but special. We can’t change time, change the past. But we can change the future, and do the right things NOW.

  7. 1991 is the year I was born, and I am going to introduce some Taiwan news in 1991 for you. I hope you like it.
    The news which I chose is: Taipei, together with Beijing and Hong kong took their seats as the newest members of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Seoul on Nov. 13. (source: China Post, December 31, 1991)
    I am so comforting to hear the news. Taiwan is assuasive and live up to the world steps. Although the economic of Taiwan is worse than the U.S.A, we still have a lot of space to grow up. Recently, Taiwan has turned into high technological society. We are famous for many cutting-edge productions, such as electron, cascades, diode, etc. The fact shows Taiwan’s economic is on the top of the world. After we join the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, we can easily accede to the South Asia, and easily communicate with them. I hope Taiwan can be boom, and the world can accept our International billet.
    And why not we can’t progress? I think the causes are –The Chinese Communist Party continuously group forgives us, and the other is – Taiwan itself also is unable to use the resources well, Obviously has the such good environment and the resources actually bad Canada use. If we can break through the Chinese Communist Party group to be bountiful as well as positively to participation Asian and Pacific pass through the mutual economic assistance organization, I want not to be able to have this result.
    In brief, I thought all these are creates by Taiwan, but, I thought so long as we improve well, the self-criticism defeat reason, I thought we can in international enjoy the small space

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