About your first assignment

 In the mail I wrote to you on Feb. 27, I attached the list of blogs and assigned some work for you:

  1. set the theme of your blog,
  2. arrange the sidebar widgets,
  3. make links to all your classmates’ blogs,
  4. write a new page about yourself, and
  5. upload a photo of yours.

It’s Sunday morning now. I just finished checking your blogs. Mmmmm…. Your first assignment doesn’t seem to be very successful. I assume you still have difficulty navigating the blog host system that we are using; therefore, you need more guidance and practice. That’s what I plan to do tomorrow. We’ll spend one hour on your blog project; hopefully, you’ll become more skillful when it comes to managing your blog.


I keep my finger crossed. I hope that tonight, you will have meet the deadline and finish your work. Good luck.

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