About the Kindred Project

After our class meeting on 0305, some of you came to me or wrote to me, asking questions about the family tree chart that you were asked to bring next week. Well, if you key in “family tree” on Google and look for the “Image,” then you can have a better idea. Drawing your family tree is the first step to start our “Kindred Project.” You can keep it simple but clear. Or you can elaborate on it if time permits. The main purpose is for you to go through your family groups and think about what you would choose as your topic of writing for this project.

What follows is more important: interviewing your relative and sharing your story in a written form. Besides the articles I handed out from the kindred website, here are two links that you can refer to when you go further: How to interview a relative and 50 questions for family history interviews.

Next week, we’ll start from the kindred stories. Then you have to draft a plan for your interview. In addition, we’ll go to I*EARN kindred interactive forum and meet some new friends.

There’s work, but don’t forget to have fun!! 

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