The Interview Plan for the Kindred Project (assignment for this week)

 Dear students,

This Monday we talked about what to prepare for the interview. In order to organize your plan, here’s a list of questions that can help you to organize your plan. Please answer the questions before our next meeting in your blog so that I can follow your progress. 

  1. Whom I’m going to interview:
  2. Why I want to interview him/her:
  3. Where and when the interview is going to take place:
  4. What I should prepare for the interview:
  5. What (questions) I would ask my interviewee:

Please make sure to bring your first draft on March 26, when we’ll have peer revision to get feedback about your writing. The final product should be finished by April, the day we are to upload the stories to IEARN.

Remember to do more research about the person or the story you are going to share. Photos from the past will have added value to your writing. Please feel free to share your thoughts, talk about your difficulties or gains in your blog.

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