Review of class meeting 0423

We began our second project on April 16 by gathering the information about “The Drops of Life.” On April 23, we started the meeting by doing the writing book (Exercise Five: Conclusions) and learned ways to end a paragraph. Then, we moved on to the new words and phrases in the play. You were given time to work on the tasks (gussing the meaning from the sentences and looking up the words on the Internet). After working on the vocabulary worksheet, we read through the play line by line. The activity gave us a chance to know more about the story and to get familiar with the new words/phrases.

Since the main theme of “The Drops of Life” is about tree-planting and cooperation, I think it a good idea to know more plants in our life. Therefore, while preparing the play, we would also have different activities centering on the theme. That’s why I design a worksheet with an acitivity named Plants in Our Life. We didn’t have time to go into the details but you were asked to draw a world without any plants. Most of you did a great job. I’ll post some of the drawings after processing the images.

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