Technologoies and learning (1022)

We all know that technologies have become indispensable not only at present but also for the future. It’s always my beliefs that using technologies cleverly, we can learn more and learn better. That’s because technologies offer great tools for independent and personalized learning. It also enables collaboration and networking nowadays. All these are essential skills learners have to have, especially when it comes to dealing with the future world. Therefore, it’s crucial that schools design programs to give students proper skill training. Also, they have to be taught how to use technology to process complex information and solve problems. That’s why I always want to and try to involve technology in my teaching. Through hands-on experiments with new tools or websites/hosting services, the students can get better ideas about how technologies can be used to promote learning. And that explains why the students in my course are required to use Web 2.0 tools in their independent project. However, technologies are used as facilitating tools. Using the tools isn’t the major goal but learning how to integrate into their learning is. I hope my students can get the point and take it seriously.

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