Preparation work for your project: Polishing your skills (1025)

 I’ve made Your Project List. Please check it out and find the suggestions I give you.

Today,  we’re going to make more preparation for your project.  Here’s what we are going to do:

Step 1: Log in WordPress

Step 2: Review Old Tricks

  1. How to change the theme (presentation)
  2. How to add sidebar widgets (presentation)
  3. How to add links (blogroll)
  4. How to add categories when adding links (blogroll)
  5. How to manage links (blogroll)
  6. How to write post and add links in it (write)
  7. How to choose a category or add catergories for your post (Write)
  8. How to upload files to your post (Write or upload)
  9. How to write page (write)
  10. How to manage posts and pages (manage)

Step 3: Add Portfolio to Your Blog

  1. Add (Your research banks: saving and sharing what you read)
  2. Add bloglines (Your aggregator: subscribing to RSS of your interests)
  3. Add Flickr (Your photo album: sharing your life and supporting your project)
  4. Add 43things (Your goals: Finding a support group to head for your goal

Step 4: Weave it Together

  1. Bloglines & the Blogs you subscribe to
  2. Flickr & Your Blog
  3. 43things & Your Blog
  4. Podcast & Your Blog
  5. Youtube & Your Blog

Now, please download the skills checklist and start the work.

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