After the school anniversary (1104)

Happy birthday to LSSH!

We had a good time yesterday at school to celebrate the school anniversary. I bet some of you have a lot to share in your blog as part of your project. Speaking of projects, I have to remind you the following work:

  1.  Have you done your homework in your blog? You were required to write an introduction about your project two weeks ago. Also, in your blog, there should be some updated news about your project progress. If you haven’t done both of them, you are lagging behind.
  2. Please finish constructing “My Portfolio” section in your blog. To do this, you need to sign up in Bloglines,, Flickr and 43things. Why “My Portfolio” in your blog?  While your blog is a place to share your thoughts and products, those websites/tools help collect, share and organize all your research materials. However, you need to know how to use them cleverly.
  3. Therefore, please explore these 4 websites (bloglines,, Flickr and 43things). Remember: just making links to your spaces is not enough, you need to know how to turn them into useful learning tools.
  4. For those who are going to make podcasts, please go download “Audacity” and try the recording and saving function. Better yet, please visit podcast host services and try uploading your podcasts to the website or put it in your blog.

Now, here comes the important part: before the 2nd midterm, you need to upload at least 2 pieces of work for your project. It would also involve English writings. Should you have any questions, we’ll talk about that in our next class meeting.

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