Some problems in your work (1115)

Hi, students,

I’ve checked your blogs and found some problems. I hope to draw your attention by giving you some questions to think about. I expect you to fix the problems if you encounter some of them.

  1. Many of you don’t know how to make a direct, external link from your entry. That explains why you copy and paste the URLs to your article. Do you still remember how to do it?
  2. Some of you haven’t updated the blog links from your own blog. For example, when I click “Alice Chiu” from some of the frontpage of you blog, it leads to the old version of the course blog. Note: A new URL has been introduced to you since the first class meeting. Do you still remember what it is?
  3. While some of you set up a project blog, everyone of you is required to keep a personal blog. Can you tell the different functions between the blogs?
  4. Can anyone tell me why I want you to create a section “MY PORTFOLIO” in your blog and how you can do with it?

We’ll have some disscusion later in the class meeting.

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