Well done! (1122)

Some of you have published your very first project product in the blogs. Please take a look at:

  1. Kelsey’s podcast. Listen to Kelsey’s recording makes me smile. Go and feel it yourself.
  2. Jocelyn, Alice & Cindy’s podcast. The work is done, but they haven’t really decided where to put it. So, here’s a link to the recording.
  3. Carter’s blog about music. I believe Carter spent quite a lot of time doing research and putting all information together. If you are a music lover, don’t miss it. 
  4. Sandy’s blog about pets. Sandy found some interesting stuff about pets. Check it out and have fun too.
  5. Stella’s blog about architectures. Stella makes a very clear goal about her future studies and career. This blog would be a very good starting point.

Please visit the blogs recommended above. This would give you more idea about how to get your work rolling.

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