0424 Field Trip–Studio Classroom

The magic blue screenI know how excited you were about our field trip. We’ve been talking about this since last semester. And finally, on April 24, we got a chance to visit Studio Classroom. I lived in Da-ji for nine years, but this was my first “official” visit to SC. I was impressed by all those cutting-edge technological equipments in different studios, recording rooms or editing rooms. But what makes SC unique is people working there. Their shining bright smiles and sincerity made us feel like home. While we all know that SC has been devoted to promoting English language learning and their magazines always stand on top of the category, there is no commercial smell in the company at all. All we felt was friendly atmosphere. Wasn’t it a fantastic trip for all us?

Background is addedWe have to thank Alice (Spancer) for taking the initiative to contact SC months ago. It is her idea and efforts that made the trip possible. Also special thanks go to Sylvia, Hui-ting (Ms. Chang from the PR Department) and all the teachers we met in Studio Classroom. I’m sure this is an inspiring experience for you. Who knows? Perhaps in the few years, I’ll meet some of you in SC–you working in the SC team!

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