0501 Progress of your course work


It’s May already. The semester will come to an end in seven weeks. This means our project is heading towards its ending too. Let’s review what we have done and what are going to be done before the school ends.

  1. In march, we completed the whole class project “What did you eat?
  2. In April, each of you worked on a project in iEARN. The deadline was April 30.
  3. In May, we are scheduled to participate in “Visions of me: Self-portraits” in IEARN. The purpose of this project is to help you produce a piece of artwork about you and organize your autobiography, which can be integrated in your portfolio and used in the future.
  4. Meanwhile, together we are going to collect good works from each of you and edit a book that celebrates your achievements in the course. (Instruction will be given later.)
  5. Also, we’ll hold our final presentation in our last meeting. Special guests will be invited to the presentation. (Instructions will be given later.)

Enjoy your work.

P.S. Remember to upload the field trip report to your blog by May 9.

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