Heading for the final stage of our courses

Dear students,

While we are working on the final project, “Self-portraits: Visions of Me (self-portrait_lesson-plan),” it’s also time for us to prepare our presentations.  Here are the tasks we have to work on:

  1. Everyone of you would compile your writings, which include:
    (1) Chapter One: Visions of me: Your PhotoImpact artwork, life map, and autobiography
    (2) Chapter Two: My blog projects
         One or two pieces of writings from your Blog project (works from last semester)
    (3) Chapter Three: My IEARN projects
         One writing from each of the IEARN projects you took part in.
    (4) Chapter Four: Reflection and Comments
  2. For the final oral presentation, please focus on 3 projects: “Visions of me” and “Your IEARN Project.” Please have a link to your mini-film from the PPT file. Also, share your reflection and comments about the course in your presentation. Each of you will be given 5-10 minutes to present. Please make it  interesting and creative.

There will be a lot of work. Please start it right away.


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