The Drops of Life (1201)

Welcome to “The Drops of Life.” What is the project you are going to take part in? Well, please follow the workbook and finish the tasks step by step. And then, you’ll know the answer.

Today, we start with getting to know the background of the play. Then, we’ll practice the lines and learn the songs together. In the third hour, we’ll have our class in the computer lab so that you can write an introduction about yourself in our class MOODLE. In the end of your introduction, make sure to leave your e-mail account.

After you go back home, to understand the background of “The Drops of Life,” please log on a blog designed and maintained by a virtual school: “Environment Online.”  In the blog, you can also refer to the MP3 files of the four songs in the play you are going to perform.

In case you fail to get the MP3 files from the blog of “The Drop of Life,” I also upload the files to the website where I keep all the resources for this PBL course. Here are the links:

  1. Song III Water Blues

(All the credits go to ENO and the team behind “The Drops of Life.”)

Today’s homework:

  1. Finish the vocabulary worksheet
  2. Complete the drawing “A World without plants.”
  3. Download the songs and listen to them constantly.

(Make sure you bring the workbook to the class with the first two complete assignments.)

Wish you enjoy the learning journey!

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