Drops of Life (1208)

 Dear students,

Today, we are going to start with group work, which will be followed by vocabulary contest. After that, a project in Science Across the World , which is called “Drinking Water” will be introduced. Then, each of you will be given one question in the Drinking Water Questionnaire and go find the answers to the questions.

Here come the assignments for this week,

  1. Once you have the answer to the question you draw in the end of the class, please go to MOODLE and post your answer in the discussion board. (Data from the following countries is provided.  You can refer to the file (Drinking Water Questionnaire Analysis ) for reference.
  2. Please download the questionnaire (Drinking Water Questionnaire) and finish it. To personalize the questionnaire, you can add some pictures, maps or drawings to the file. Then, you post the questionnaire with answers to the discussion board in LSSH MOODLE again.
  3.  Using a software you are familiar with (such as Word, PowerPoint, 小畫家 or PhotoImpact, etc.) and design a poster about your show. The purpose of this poster is to advertise your performance (The Drops of Life) and to attract people to watch it. You have to give some important information in the poster like “what/where/when/how (much)/why/who…). Please share your poster in MOODLE too.

I hope all these are fun and informative to you. Enjoy them as much as you can.


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