How My Parents Met (0903)

Today, we worked on a task in the ME project, called “How My Parents Met.” Please refer to the lesson plan (981 ME project 06_father met mother_lesson plan), which includes the four articles we read in class. For your convenience, I’d love to give the links of the articles below:

1. Article 1: How My Father Met My Mother
2. Article 2: How My Parents Met (youtube)
3. Article 3: How Papa Met Mama 
4. Article 4: First Impression: How My Parents Met

Assignment during this week:

  1. Post your interview questions in your personal blog.  (Topic: Questions for “How My Parents Met”)
  2. Interview your parent(s) and finish the first draft.
  3. Summarize Article 4 and finish the worksheet.

Next week,  you are to give an oral presentation to share your parents’ story. And then, after revised, your story will be uploaded to your personal blog.

Work hard, and you’ll gain a lot.

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