Hello, my friends. This is Alice, an English teacher in Taipei Municipal Lishan High School (LSSH). Welcome to PBL in Lishan, a blog which is meant to record and share what I have done, want to do and will do in my PBL course. 

Taipei Municipal Lishan High is famous for its innovative curricular structure. We’ve put a great emphasis on project-based learning since the school was established in 2000. In Lishan High School, the teachers are encouraged to integrate PBL into their classes without feeling pressured  by the mandatory curricular framework. In the first two years, every student is required to work on one project under a specific subject at learst three hours a week. They learn how to do a research, how to search for information, how to incorporate ICT in learning, how to synthesize their materials and how to present their final product. With our graduates’ performances in the universities, it has been proved that PBL does empower them in many aspect, academic achievements included.

This semester, I run a project called “The Year I was Born,” which integrates Blog, online resources, and IEARN Youth Forum into the learning process. It encourages students to discover the stories in the past by either interviewing their family or doing researches on the Internet. Writing and oral presentation will be evaluated in the end, along with a news page as the final product. The 15-year-old students are learning in a new way, with themselves as the center while the teacher as the facilitator.  

Would you like to join the learning journey with my students? Please visit our project blog and take part in the activity with us.

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