How My Parents Met (0903)

Today, we worked on a task in the ME project, called “How My Parents Met.” Please refer to the lesson plan (981 ME project 06_father met mother_lesson plan), which includes the four articles we read in class. For your convenience, I’d love to give the links of the articles below:

1. Article 1: How My Father Met My Mother
2. Article 2: How My Parents Met (youtube)
3. Article 3: How Papa Met Mama 
4. Article 4: First Impression: How My Parents Met

Assignment during this week:

  1. Post your interview questions in your personal blog.  (Topic: Questions for “How My Parents Met”)
  2. Interview your parent(s) and finish the first draft.
  3. Summarize Article 4 and finish the worksheet.

Next week,  you are to give an oral presentation to share your parents’ story. And then, after revised, your story will be uploaded to your personal blog.

Work hard, and you’ll gain a lot.

A New Start (0903)

Dear students,

Welcome back to school.

This is a new start for you; however, we would continue our projects that we started last semester.

Please refer to the syllabus (981_syllabus_me_you_others) and the schedule (981_schedule_me_you_others) for this semester. 

I’ll explain your work in our first class meeting.  Basically, you’ll work on the personal blog for the ME project and the interest blog for the other project. During this semester, you’ll experience how to collect data through a survey or a questionnaire and by using an online survey platform, surveymonkey. Also, Flickr will be integrated into your learning so as to help you combine different tools in Web 2.0.

The final work will be your writings and some multimedia works. I hope you enjoy it a lot.

Prepare for your final presentation

Dear students,

Now, we are approaching the end of the semester. In the last class meetings on June 22, you are supposed to give a wrap-up presentation. Since you are giong to show us the two blogs you design: (1) personal blog and (2) project blog, please pay attention to the following details:

  1. In the personal blog, make sure you have uploaded
    (1) biopoem,
    (2) autobiography,
    (3) self-image and a short passage about the works,
    (4) your family tree, and
    (5) your life map and a passage along with the map.
  2. In the project blog, make sure you have completed
    (1)  the “appearance” (including the theme and the widgets) and
    (2) an introduction of your project.

To make a good presentation, you need to prepare a speech. Please follow the structure we learned in classes: (1) opening, (2) body and (3) ending.

  1. In the opening, tell us why you come to this class and tell us the topics of your presentation.
  2. In the body part, tell us what you have done (showing us the blogs).
  3. In the end of the presentation, tell us what you have learned from the process and what you expect to do with your work in the future.

PPT is optional.  Remember that as long as you prepare well, there’s nothing to worry about.  Wish you have a fulfilling end-of-semester month.



  1. Here comes a rubric (presentation_evaluation_form), which defines the evaluation criteria.

Your homework (0216-0223)

Dear students,

Please finish the following tasks before our next meeting:

  1. Upload your Biopoem in MOODLE and also give comments on your peers’ works.
  2. Continue constructing your blog in wordpress and publish your first post.
  3. Add your calssmates’ blog links to the sidebar in your blog.

If you have time, please think about the group project you would like to work on.

See you next week.


Hello, students, 2009

Welcome to this course and wish you a very good time.

Drops of Life (1208)

 Dear students,

Today, we are going to start with group work, which will be followed by vocabulary contest. After that, a project in Science Across the World , which is called “Drinking Water” will be introduced. Then, each of you will be given one question in the Drinking Water Questionnaire and go find the answers to the questions.

Here come the assignments for this week,

  1. Once you have the answer to the question you draw in the end of the class, please go to MOODLE and post your answer in the discussion board. (Data from the following countries is provided.  You can refer to the file (Drinking Water Questionnaire Analysis ) for reference.
  2. Please download the questionnaire (Drinking Water Questionnaire) and finish it. To personalize the questionnaire, you can add some pictures, maps or drawings to the file. Then, you post the questionnaire with answers to the discussion board in LSSH MOODLE again.
  3.  Using a software you are familiar with (such as Word, PowerPoint, 小畫家 or PhotoImpact, etc.) and design a poster about your show. The purpose of this poster is to advertise your performance (The Drops of Life) and to attract people to watch it. You have to give some important information in the poster like “what/where/when/how (much)/why/who…). Please share your poster in MOODLE too.

I hope all these are fun and informative to you. Enjoy them as much as you can.


The Drops of Life (1201)

Welcome to “The Drops of Life.” What is the project you are going to take part in? Well, please follow the workbook and finish the tasks step by step. And then, you’ll know the answer.

Today, we start with getting to know the background of the play. Then, we’ll practice the lines and learn the songs together. In the third hour, we’ll have our class in the computer lab so that you can write an introduction about yourself in our class MOODLE. In the end of your introduction, make sure to leave your e-mail account.

After you go back home, to understand the background of “The Drops of Life,” please log on a blog designed and maintained by a virtual school: “Environment Online.”  In the blog, you can also refer to the MP3 files of the four songs in the play you are going to perform.

In case you fail to get the MP3 files from the blog of “The Drop of Life,” I also upload the files to the website where I keep all the resources for this PBL course. Here are the links:

  1. Song III Water Blues

(All the credits go to ENO and the team behind “The Drops of Life.”)

Today’s homework:

  1. Finish the vocabulary worksheet
  2. Complete the drawing “A World without plants.”
  3. Download the songs and listen to them constantly.

(Make sure you bring the workbook to the class with the first two complete assignments.)

Wish you enjoy the learning journey!